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Creating a website is not an easy and impossible task.

You just have to focus on defining the goal you want to achieve with your website.

What we must do to reach a desired website:

Choose a name:


The name of the domain corresponds to your Internet address. Many recommend placing the name of your company, for example, however, you have to check the number of characters you have and avoid possible long names. Imagine that this will be used in all our advertising material, business cards, uniforms, vehicle signs and everything related to the marketing of your company. After defining what will be the name to place as Internet domain, we proceed to verify and register it.

Verification and registration.

Once the name has been defined, we proceed to verify and register the domain in a hosting service provider, there is a lot in the market and it is your free choice, we recommend The name of the domain and hosting  can be from different providers the best option is to always be the same for both services. The cost of registering a name is cheap and is annual, many providers give up to 3 years or more of registration.

The domain or name corresponds to an address on the internet, is unique and the exclusive property of the registrant. Many times the name is not available, in these cases should look for options of names that may be available either by selecting another extension or placing any of its brands, abbreviations of your company or acronyms that best identify it.

Hosting or hosting space:

There are several companies in the market that offer hosting, hosting, technical assistance and managing their email accounts. Another of the services offered is the bandwidth limit that corresponds to the amount of (MB) megabyte that your website can be visited. Once you have made the decision to contract the services of the provider you get your domain name and your hosting to store your web page, it is like the address of your house and your house physically. You will already receive your DNS corresponding to the IP address of your website

When you type your web address in the search field of your browser Edge, Google, mozilla, safari; A connection is made from your computer or mobile phone to the web server where your company or staff’s page is hosted. The server answers the request and proceeds to download the necessary files from your website to the user’s browser that made the request and can see the web.

This type of service can be paid monthly or annually and will depend on the type of hosting desired by you. If your website or blog is from a small or medium-sized company, the annual cost of a recognized hosting provider within the market is between $ 110 to $ 150 per year depending on the type of service contracted. In my post “Web Hosting and Domain Name”. You can expand your knowledge about hosting types a little more.

Web design:

The previous points correspond to the technical part handled when we want a website. You must define the name, the hosting and all those necessary services. Many people see it as very complicated, however, in my opinion it is the easiest and fastest. You just have to make a list of what we need and evaluate some service providers and proceed to hire it for a year. Now begins the most difficult task of building our website.

The first thing we must do is define the main purpose and functionality of the website. It must be defined from the beginning if the purpose is e-commerce or online stores, online communities, blogs, educational, news, portfolios for clients to review their work, etc.

Define the structure you want to display on your website, design your logo or update it, collect information to show, photographs, videos, audio, define the theme, color palette, products, services to offer and everything you need to give a website professional and attractive to its customers.

Once the above is defined, you must choose the platform, hire the services of an expert person or graphic designer and build your website.

In my next post we will talk about the costs involved in a good web design and how to do it at your fingertips, there are many graphic design companies and their costs vary enormously, some charge monthly maintenance contracts but there are ways to achieve a good design at low cost with the best tools on the market and without annual and monthly maintenance costs. Hoping that this article is to your liking, this humble servant says goodbye to share his knowledge with people interested in learning.