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How to make a logo?

how make logo

We must separate the way it should be and how to do it.


How should it be?

In a previously published article we explain how it should be, however we will make a brief summary. When we make a logo we must take into account the following:

  • It must be legible in color and black and white.
  • Reproducible should be able to be printed on envelopes business cards, stamps, letters, folders, Posters and shirts.
  • Work with the correct scale to achieve good visibility.
  • Different from those existing in the market, known, unforgettable and positioned in the minds of people.
  • It must be or
  • iginated and created exclusively for the client.
  • It must be clean and clear.


How to do it?.

  • Creative Briefing: Define who we are, what we do, what we want, what audience and what is most important that we want to show image of us.
  • Observe the competition: How I differentiate myself from the competition and how I present my unique image. It is a mistake to copy the ideas, remember it must be unique and differentiating.
  • Digitization: Make the necessary strokes and sketches until you get a good result. Make corrections and fine-tune the details until it is unique and distinct within your market.
  • Typography: Define typography, whether elegant, neutral, fun, vintage, manual strokes, casual, formal or combinations of some of them. Remember not to use more than 3 types of sources, they must be legible at a prudent distance, in some cases without contours.
  • Color: Avoid using more than 3 colors, you can use gradients or variations in colors, use pantone colors and remember that your logo should look good in both color and black and white.
  • Formats: Define the format to work. I recommend working in both RGB and CMYK formats. It is sure that you will need your logo both for a web environment and for printing business cards, banners, shirts. This would avoid distortions and loss of format. You should also take into account that it is vector and image.
  • Responsive design: your logo must support the different forms of presentation to the public, either in web, print, horizontal and vertical view, icon, mobile devices and in really small sizes; In this way your audience can remember your brand much better.
  • Review of the work done: At this point you must have your first logo. All the people participating in the initial idea of ​​developing your logo should review the work well and be in agreement with the final work. If it is necessary to make corrections this is the ideal time.
  • Testing and Publication: Finally, print tests and publish it.