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Is there really a difference in using a website or Facebook?

The idea of ​​this article is that you reflect and make a good decision when determining the ideal way to promote either your brand, small business or company.
If you want to have presence, the safest thing is that you are evaluating these two tools. A website requires time and money, either to buy the name of your domain, web design, hosting and administration; You will have to become SEO, have an employee or hire the services of a third party. In case of using Facebook, it will simplify all those efforts and money. Is this what you want to manage your image or your business? Is it enough to replace your website or make the decision not to have it?

Let’s analyze the following points below:

1. Complexity.

There are currently millions of users on Facebook probably you are one of those users who like to publish, upload videos, share photos and are familiar with this tool and do not want to complicate your life with a creator of websites or blog, where you will have to invest your time in learning new knowledge and administration.

2. Cost.

Maintain your blog or website will require investment in hiring an independent professional, a company or an employee. The investment to make will depend on the type of web you want to have. There are companies that develop web within reach of the client where the investment is minimal and without limitations of contracts. Facebook is free, without investment but limited according to the policies established in your contract.

3. Exclusivity.

Can we be exclusive or have an image of our brand or company that differentiates us from the competition? My answer is no. According to the contract when registering on Facebook, we can customize the header, the different sections of the store and the content we publish as long as we respect the blue Facebook logo. The contract also states that all published content, video and images can be used by Facebook while they are active or not deleted by you. The exclusivity of your website, all the published information, video images and your business model will depend only on you or on the rules established by your organization. On your website you own and have control over your publications, content and brand, Facebook is a third party and you have to follow the terms of the company, which are continually reviewed or risk deleting your account.

4. Traffic.

Many people believe that by having their company profile on Facebook are more visible since it has millions of users worldwide, the only way to generate traffic on Facebook, blog or web is to generate content to achieve the growth of its audience . Facebook is a company with a large number of users worldwide and this is one of the beliefs by which they prefer to use Facebook and not a website.

5. Dependency.

In both tools you depend on a company, the difference is that Facebook is a giant company. You have no control at the time of a failure of your profile or Facebook, if you want to report any failure you should do so through the channels established by them and will be taken care of when they decide to resolve it. In case of blocking your profile for contract violation you lose everything and can not recover it, nor does it have a direct line in case you require some type of user support. When it comes to a website, usually they are small or medium businesses, an employee or an independent professional in charge of your website, you can contribute content and priorities. In case of technical problems, you can call your expert.

6. Revenue.

You can earn revenue by selling advertising space and sponsorships on your website while on Facebook you can not sell advertising space.

7. Statistics.

Your website is your secret, you do not have to inform your audience about visits to the page, visits or unique visitors you receive on your site each month. On Facebook the information is available even for your competitor.

In conclusion

Using Facebook or a website we can say that it is better both. Your potential client wants to get information about your brand, images, read a blog, complete a contact form, all this is part of the sales process. From your website, email addresses will help you market directly and reach those who wish to receive your news and offers. Facebook is a channel that can help generate traffic to your website, along with a good SEO strategy to capture those who seek your services. Your website is the center of your digital content where you can coordinate your marketing strategy, generate content and share information to your Facebook page and other channels.