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Why do not I need a website for my business?

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There are many reasons for not having a website and less presence on the internet. Many companies want to be anonymous and underground. Many people speak, write and advise on the needs of having a website , however there are strong reasons for not having a website. In this article I analyze a bit the gap that exists between having a website or No.

Reasons To not have a Web.

  • My clients do not use or do not have internet.
  • We have a clandestine or illegal business and we want to remain anonymous.
  • Dominate the market and I have too many clients.
  • I have no interest in showing my products and services.
  • My strategy is to show my products personally.
  • I have no interest in selling products and services every day of the year.
  • I’m not interested in my brand or my product because it sells itself.
  • I do not need more money or sales.

If your business meets the above reasons then you do not need a website.


web design

I need a website for my business?

A website to be a trend or acquire visibility should not be the main reason. “If your company does not have a web page does not exist” they make believe that it is the main need to develop your website. We believe that the need is born to project our brand or business on the Internet, provide good service, describe our products and give an image of who we are and where they can locate us.

Reasons that justify having a website.

  • Having a presence and good image.
  • Market your products and testimonials from your customers.
  • Need to teach what you sell, how you sell and the difference with the competition.
  • Increase sales and improve communication with your customers.
  • Need to be online 24/7 all year.
  • Show your works and the results. Its portfolio of customers are to recommend to others before someone hire their services.
  • Have sales catalog and portfolio of products and services.

We can conclude that a website is essential for many businesses, it is part of a digital marketing strategy that seeks to give a good image of the brand, the company, increase your customers and sales. In this article I have only talked about having or not a website, in my next article we will write a bit about the difference of a website with domain and hosting or a website on Facebook as part of that digital strategy.